Live from New York, it’s Edie Carey

Estrogen Artist Edie Carey has received a number of accolades recently. First of all, she was chosen as one of’s top five solo artists of 2000. She received a stellar review from Music Dish. Edie will also be featured in the March, 2001 issue of MusicAlive in the Cool Careers column. MusicAlive is an educational magazine and CD that is distributed to high school music students. Also, “Fall or Fly”, from Edie’s latest CD “Call me Home”, has been selected as one of the 15 best written songs of the 2000 Abet Music Songwriting Contest. “Fall or Fly” is set to be on’s Top Sellers Compilation. And finally, Edie has been chosen to perform at the 2001 National Convention for the National Associated for Campus Activities, which takes place this February in Nashville, Tennessee.

Edie is a part of the musical/comedic collaboration “Live From New York…”, which also includes performers Sam Shaber, Teddy Goldstein, Anne Heaton and Andrew Kerr. LFNY are set to begin a tour of the West Coast of North America in February, beginning in California. The tour ends at the Folk Alliance festival, which runs from February 15-18 in Vancouver, Canada.