Estrogen’s Indiegrrls

Estrogen Artist Jenny Bruce and Estrogen Gear Dept specialist Mia Theodoratus are among the seven performers at an Indiegrrl showcase in New York on January 24th. As well, Mia is also tentatively set to perform at the Grrlxgrrl Fest in March in Texas. Both shows promise to be excellent. For more information about these and other Indiegrrl events, visit the Indiegrrl website. Indiegrrl was started in May, 1998 by Holly Figueroa.

It is a forum for information and networking, and has grown into a record label with the release of the 1st compilation CD in June 1999. Indiegrrl has hosted two national tours and hundreds of events across the US, and has worked with Oxygen, Home Alive, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Independent Media Centers, among others.