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12 Reasons For Hair Loss. Advices & Asami Review

What are the causes of baldness?

Unfortunately, there are many such reasons. Some of them are caused by a general violation of the state of health, but most often these are, of course, genetic factors.

Under the general, physiological prerequisites for alopecia, we understand primarily the negative consequences of taking medications, hormonal changes or an unbalanced diet. In this case, it should be understood that in most cases, baldness is a consequence of the genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to male hormones – androgens (androgenic alopecia).

Before studying the causes of hair loss, it is not superfluous to recall the normal process of hair renewal. About 10% of our hair is in the phase of hair loss, and this level is quite normal. Of course, the value of 10% can vary, but, on average, this percentage corresponds to the natural cycle of hair growth. If the percentage of hair loss significantly exceeds ten to fifteen percent, this may be an indicator of the process of baldness.

When you identify the reason of baldness in your parcticular case you should start treatment as soon as possible. In additional to medical procedures we suggest you use Asami Hair Grower. It`s a spray fo hair and head skin that helps to restore hair and resolve the problem of baldness. Read the Asami hair grower review for more information about this product. The main ingredients of Asami are:

  • Biocomplex of Panax Ginseng;
  • Castor oils;
  • Vitamins and minerals.

Apply Asami spray on the scalp 2-3 times a week after shampooing. Rinse off is not necessary. The result will come in about a month of use. If the expected effect did not appear, then your problem is in hormonal imbalance or metabolism. See a doctor.

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Here are the main reasons leading to hair loss:

  1. Physical injuries and injuries – for example, surgical interventions, as well as serious diseases that can cause hair loss at a certain stage of life. Alopecia in this case is a reaction of the body to physical exposure and stress, and can also be a consequence of medications used to treatment. In these cases, after the normalization of the state of health, the hair is restored, regenerated.
  2. Hormonal fluctuations can also cause baldness or partial hair loss. In this case, the hair also recovers some time after the normalization of the hormonal background. The most common example is pregnancy. After childbirth, the level of the hormone progesterone is disturbed, which is the reason for the loss within a few months (about three to six), after which the hair is restored. Another example is dysfunction of the thyroid gland, in which case specialist treatment is necessary. In some cases, the hormonal background can be corrected by taking the appropriate drugs (as directed by the doctor).
  3. Baldness in women can also be caused by the habit of wearing tight hairstyles, tails, kicking and so on, as well as using stilettos and fixers on a rigid basis, which, over time, thin the hair and damage the hair roots. Constant tension, curling, staining, styling with a hot hairdryer and forceps (irons) injure the hair follicles and they cease to function normally. Hair loss for the described reason is often irreversible.
  4. Medication and medical treatment. There are a number of medications that cause baldness. Usually, these are potent drugs indicated for severe illnesses, such as anticoagulants, drugs for the treatment of cancer and chemotherapy, antidepressants, and even vitamin A (if the dosage is exceeded). This list also includes anabolic steroids, and other drugs that have a long-term effect on the body. When taking such medications, you must carefully study the possible side effects and contraindications for use.
  5. Severe diseases – diabetes, HIV and others can trigger baldness. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose the causes of hair loss – baldness can be an indicator of a related disease. Hair loss due to illness can be irreversible.
  6. An unbalanced diet and a long stay on strict diets, strictly restricting the intake of a whole set of nutrients in the body, as well as a lack of vitamins and minerals leads to a general deterioration in health and hair loss. In this case, by adding the missing ingredients to the diet and using vitamin complexes to maintain health during the diet, the hair is restored.
  7. Poor physical fitness, a sedentary lifestyle, and physical inactivity also negatively affect the health of hair and scalp. The accumulated fat blocks the smallest vessels supplying the follicles with blood, and also stimulates an increase in the level of testosterone, which is later transformed into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that provokes androgenetic alopecia in people with a genetic predisposition. Physical exercise improves the general condition of the body and, indirectly, prevents baldness.
  8. Stress – can be both a cause of baldness and graying of hair. The exact relationship between hair loss and stress is unknown, but stress is associated with the activation of the process of androgenetic alopecia or its significant increase.
  9. Poor condition of the scalp – skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis can cause baldness.
  10.  Bad habits – such as alcohol abuse, smoking, drug addiction also disrupt the natural processes in the body and can lead to alopecia.
  11.  The negative impact of the environment – electromagnetic fields, toxic substances in water or air, increased radiation background. Hair loss in this case can be a dangerous signal of a general deterioration in health. Of course, all of the above reasons negatively affect the overall health of the hair and scalp and we can conclude that there are a lot of factors affecting hair loss. However, most of the above factors can be eliminated by appropriate therapy or lifestyle changes.
  12. The main reason most often lies in another – genetically programmed degradation of hair follicles under the influence of DHT.

Unfortunately, from a medical point of view, this cause cannot be completely eliminated, but you can and should help your hair fight for life with the help of modern drugs, and this is exactly what the products offered to your attention in our store are for.

How to stop hair loss?

Modern cosmetology has come up with several effective and efficient methods of treating alopecia – each of them has its own advantages.
A specialist trichologist will make the necessary analyzes and, depending on their result, will advise the necessary method for restoring the hairline.

First of all, the trichologist at the reception will diagnose the problem. To do this, the scalp is examined under a magnifying glass and sometimes on a special device – a trichoscope. This device also allows you to track the effectiveness of treatment in dynamics. In addition, a spectral analysis of the hair is carried out, which allows you to establish a shortage (or excess) of certain trace elements in the body. Trace deficiency can and should be corrected with the help of special medicines.

The treatment method is selected based on the stage of the disease, the characteristics of the patient’s body. The wishes of the patient himself are also taken into account.

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