Month: December 2019

Real World Accolades For Annie Minogue

Estrogen Artist Annie Minogue is set to have songs from her latest CD “Home” featured in the new installment of MTV’s “The Real World”. The series is being filmed in New Orleans at the end of January, and will air in May. Annie became involved after Wilson Yau, the music supervisor for the series discovered Annie on the website The Global Muse and contacted her. In time, Annie sent Wilson 12 tracks to choose from, including new versions of the songs “Paper Doll” and “Sorry For Goodbye”. All 12 tracks may be used in the show. “Paper Doll” is currently being used as a news theme in Japan, and Randy Travis, Leeann Rimes, Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood are all considering recording “Sorry for Goodbye”.

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Ember Glows In Australia

Estrogen artist Ember Swift has been busy, releasing two albums in December alone. They are titled “The Wage is the Stage” and the EP “SnapShots”. To find the albums, visit Festival in Canada, and Goldenrod or Ladyslipper in the US.

Ember will be making a round-trip tour of Ontario, Quebec, New York and Michigan in January, beginning January 23rd at the Reverb in Toronto, and ending at the Reverb on February 9th, where she will be performing at the CD release party for the compilation CD “Consider This”.

Ember will then embark on an Australian tour, which will include the Sistajive festival and the Frankston Guitar festival. This will be Ember’s first overseas tour, and begins February 20th and ends April 10th. Ember will also be performing at two International Women’s Day events and hopes to perform with Penelope Swales at a special release party. Also, Ember will be performing as a duo, instead of the usual trio because her drummer won’t be on the tour. Ember writes, “I’m looking forward to the duo experience and I’m sure we’re going to ‘ROCK OUT’ in our own way!”.

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Live from New York, it’s Edie Carey

Estrogen Artist Edie Carey has received a number of accolades recently. First of all, she was chosen as one of’s top five solo artists of 2000. She received a stellar review from Music Dish. Edie will also be featured in the March, 2001 issue of MusicAlive in the Cool Careers column. MusicAlive is an educational magazine and CD that is distributed to high school music students. Also, “Fall or Fly”, from Edie’s latest CD “Call me Home”, has been selected as one of the 15 best written songs of the 2000 Abet Music Songwriting Contest. “Fall or Fly” is set to be on’s Top Sellers Compilation. And finally, Edie has been chosen to perform at the 2001 National Convention for the National Associated for Campus Activities, which takes place this February in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Estrogen’s Indiegrrls

Estrogen Artist Jenny Bruce and Estrogen Gear Dept specialist Mia Theodoratus are among the seven performers at an Indiegrrl showcase in New York on January 24th. As well, Mia is also tentatively set to perform at the Grrlxgrrl Fest in March in Texas. Both shows promise to be excellent. For more information about these and other Indiegrrl events, visit the Indiegrrl website. Indiegrrl was started in May, 1998 by Holly Figueroa.

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Suing To Save Independent Music

An association of San Francisco lawyers, calling themselves the ‘The Internet Lawyers Group’ started the process of filing a class action lawsuit against Napster last week, claiming the service has affected the income of thousands of independent musicians. The Group’s arguments are not much different than those employed by the major labels in their attempts to force the closure of Napster. However, the Group insists that the situation is even more dire for independent artists, as the “market uncertainty” caused by Napster’s free file-sharing is causing the majors to be more hesitant in signing new acts, and acts in “non-mainstream” genres. The Group is awaiting the decision of the court, which will determine if they can proceed with their proposed class-action lawsuit.

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Holly Long Named Runner-Up

his year’s John Lennon Songwriting Contest. It was Holly’s song “Just Fine” that placed in the top ten in the pop category. There are 3000 submissions each year for the pop category alone. This international contest was created to recognize the art of songwriting and give artists opportunities in the music business as well as monetary awards.

Also, Holly has been receiving many stellar reviews, both online and in print. Click here to read the Alternative Music Press review of Holly’s CD “City Girl”, which features the words “brilliant” and “original” in the first paragraph.

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